Fast loading

Improves SEO

Site loading times affect your SEO score and fast sites improve customer retention

100% Secure

Make your site unhackable

Even if you're missing an update for your CMS your static site is secure

Support more traffic

Up to 100 times more traffic

Servers needs less resources for static pages so you can grow more before upgrading

Easy & Simple

Convert to static and forget

Reduce your maintenance needs

You can forget about CMS system updates, your website will keep working no matter what.

Continue to update content

One click toggles editing mode

Whenever you want to update your content, toggle the site back to dynamic, update your content, and re-render the static version with a click!

Keep your contact forms

Serverless forms at your service

Your contact forms keep working in the static site and you receive submission notifications. You can manage the submissions from a convenient dashboard.

No changes to my hosting plan? How does it work then?


Enter Your Website URL

Validate your domain instantly by uploading a text file

Click on the conversion button and your Static Preview Version will be ready in seconds (or minutes - depending on how many pages the site has).

A landing site takes a couple of seconds, a blog with 4000 posts takes about 30 minutes

Review The Static Preview Site

Review the generated site and make sure that everything works properly, including forms.

You can customize the "Thank You" page, add hidden pages, and even add custom redirects.


Publish The Static Site

Enter your FTP credentials and publish the static site without overwriting your dynamic site.

In a couple of seconds your static site will be live and your dynamic site will be hidden and inaccessible to visitors.

You can toggle back to dynamic anytime by simply clicking a button. This allows you to update or add more content at any time.

Convert Your Dynamic Site To Static Now!

Convert Your Site To Static For FREE


times more traffic

Your static website can handle up to 100 times more traffic than the dynamic version


times faster

Your static site will be up to 20 times faster than the dynamic version


exposition to vulnerabilities

Your static site will not be vulnerable to any CMS or PHP vulnerabilities, present or future





  • 2 FREE credits per month
  • Toggle is needed to access the dynamic site
  • Regenerate & publish in 2 steps
  • No version restore/backups
  • Branding in html
  • Form submissions in dashboard
  • Single-User


(Paid credits don't expire)

Both free and pro plans come with free monthly credits that can be used to perform actions on the platform. By default the system allows for 10 form submissions per month. You can use 2 credits to handle unlimited form submissions for a site.

Publishing a site requires the use of a credit as well. One credit allows for unlimited static generation and publishing during 24 hours for the assigned website.

40 Credits

$0.75 per credit


1 Credit



Internet Explorer Out To Date

Please update your Internet Explorer browser with a newer version (Internet Explorer 10 above)

You can download it here...

Safari Out To Date

Please update your Safari browser with a newer version (Safari 6 above)

You can download it here...